Growmaster is the UK’s leading nursery management system. Over 250 nurseries in the UK, Republic of Ireland and further afield use Growmaster to manage their businesses accurately and efficiently. Choose Growmaster and you benefit from the accumulated knowledge and experience of its client base, built up over 25 years of practical trial in real life situations.

Growmaster covers all the bases for a nursery, from sales and purchase order processing to production planning and label design and print. It’s integrated with a range of handheld devices so that you can perform everyday tasks efficiently on the move. And because it is used by every kind and size of nursery, it’s likely that there will be a configuration that neatly matches your needs and requirements.

Following on from the success of Growmaster 6, we embarked on a two year project to re-write our flagship system. From the outset we decided to make Growmaster 7 more secure and more reliable than any of our previous products. Then we took it online, with a range of great web features that save you and your customers time and effort. Finally we added a state of the art production planning system to complete the package. Every day we continue to develop more tools and functions to help our clients work better.

Nursery Management


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