Production Planning Module

If you want to stay on top of production and in control of your margins, you need a production planning system that covers all the bases. Whether you are growing a crop to order from a sales order or growing for your own free stock, the Growmaster production Planning Module keeps you in control at every stage of the process.

Keep tabs on your production inventory and identify shortfalls and surpluses. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly production tasks. Forecast crop quantities and wastage factors and generate accurate crop completion dates. Monitor upcoming labour requirements and calculate accurate per unit production costs to stay on top of margins. The Production Planning Module has all this covered and more.

Production methods vary between nurseries and the Growmaster Production Planning Module has been designed to allow you to customise the system to your own practices and procedures. We will work with you to make sure you get the system that suits you.

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Generate crops from sales orders

The Production Planning Module allows you to generate a crop directly from a sales order. It will check whether you have the production inventory required for the crop, apply the relevant production process template to the crop and give you start and end dates for production. You can check on expected production quantities and use wastage factors to determine how much excess will need to be produced in order to obtain the desired amount of grown product.

Manage production costs and staffing levels

Once you have defined your unique production processes and methods, the Production Planning Module will tell you what production inventory is required to generate a crop. It will also calculate the labour required to produce the crop, together with other cost inputs incurred in the production process. The system will then process all of this data to give you an accurate cost per unit for the grown crop. You can also forecast the labour required both for crops in production and for crops awaiting production, allowing you to monitor and anticipate your staffing requirement over a given period.

Daily or weekly task reports

From the moment you put a crop into production, the Production Planning Module will automatically generate and schedule the production and maintenance tasks required to produce that crop. You can produce daily, weekly and other periodical production reports so you know what has to be done, by whom and when.




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As you grow in size, or develop new sales channels, Growmaster will grow and diversify with you.

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