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Do you waste time and effort taking orders from customers on out of date availability lists? Do you spend hours converting faxed or emailed orders into sales orders on your system? Is maintaining accurate stock figures between your wholesale business and your retail website a constant worry? The Growmaster Web Module solves all these problems and more.

It gives you a web availability list ordering system that allows your customers to log in to your website and order from live available stock with pricing specific to them. They order from what you have now, not what you had last month. All you have to do is paste a link into your existing website and our system does the rest.

It provides a stock data feed from your Growmaster to your retail website, so you know that the inventory you see in your Growmaster is the inventory showing on your website. And it can pull sales orders from your website back into Growmaster so you don’t waste time on data entry. It’s also integrated with Amazon.

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Integrate your retail website

How do you keep track of your inventory when you are running a wholesale business and a retail website?


The Web Module will integrate your Growmaster inventory with your retail website, so you can stay on top of your inventory from one place. What’s more, the Web Module will allow you to pull orders straight back into your Growmaster from your retail website, saving you time and money.

Web AV list ordering

Our web AV list functionality is quick and simple to integrate with your existing website and lets your customers order online direct from your live stock AV lists. Your customers can access trade pricing specific to them and view their order histories. Sales orders go straight to Growmaster for processing so you save valuable time.

Amazon integration

The Growmaster Web Module is integrated with Amazon, so you can put stock and pricing directly onto Amazon from your Growmaster and control everything from one place. What’s more, the Web Module will pull your Amazon orders straight back into Growmaster for processing, saving you valuable time.

Data back-up

The Web Module allows you to schedule automated back-ups of your Growmaster data to our Cloud based data storage facility, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.




Back Up

And for peace of mind, the Web Module will back-up your data in the Cloud, just in case you forget.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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